Have you considered giving regular financial support to BRM or raising your monthly support level lately?

There are many churches and individuals all over the United States who have prayerfully decided to partner with BRM. This support base of committed “BRMers” keeps us out on the firing line!

Consider what your missionary support for BRM pays for:
•    Your support allows us to pay our rent to keep an office open, where we store our files, work on our reports as well as literature, and from which we can answer daily calls for help.
•    Your support allows us to pay for full-time and part-time salaries for our Director, Director Emeritus, Assistant to the Director, Secretary, Accountant and six Associates. There is more than just a Director involved in ministry at BRM!
•    Your support allows us to go into churches undergoing a time of testing, in an impartial open manner when we are asked for help, without having to worry about money. Some churches are able to give us traveling expenses or a donation when we help them. But many undergoing great financial strife cannot.
•    Your support allows us to publish helpful Bible-based literature on almost any practical subject.  Your donations help pay for the cost of all our printed literature.
•    Your support allows us to pay for the printing and postage to send out a newsletter and field report each month, along with other selected literature beneficial to the pastor as well as the people in the pews.

Please continue (or begin) to partner with BRM in its busy ministry to the local church in these last days!

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