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Highlighted literature and/or literature marked with a † is available as an Adobe PDF download. If you have an older version (5.0 or older) of Adobe Reader,  we suggest downloading the newest version of Adobe Reader here (it’s free).  We are working to have more of our literature available online.

Phone:  708-579-3800

Introductory Literature:

†  “7 Reasons Why You and Your Church Should Support Bible Related Ministries”

  “Arbitration”  (Note: 8.5×14/legal size paper)

  “Introducing You to Bible Related Ministries”

  “Monthly Newsletter”    Go to Newsletter Page

Results of Salvation:

  “37 Things that Happen When We Get Saved”  by Dr. Bob Ream     Dr. Bob Ream is Pastor of Hillview Baptist Church in Fairmont, WV.

  “215 Things That Are True Of Me Now That I Am Saved”  compiled by George Zeller    George Zeller is Assistant to the Pastor of  Middletown Bible Church, in Middletown, CT.

Helpful Literature for Ministries:

  ” A Beautiful Picture”

†  “A Costly Suntan”

†  “A Penny for your Thoughts”

†  “A Walk with God”

†  “Anger, Hostility”

  “Anchors in the Storms of Life”

†  “Battling Believers”

  “Biblical Basis for Church Membership”

  ” Brethren”

†  “Bulletin Fillers” Rev. George Zeller, Middletown Bible Church, Middletown CT

†  “Bugged?”

  “Church Splits”

†  “Cockeyed People”

†  “Consequences of a Moral Fall”

†  “Consequences of Keeping Our Wedding Vows”

†  “Danger Signals In the Local Church”

  Differences between the Bible and the Qur’an”

  “Dos and Don’ts for Church Leaders”

†  “Eating Can Be Hazardous to your Health”

  “Falling Leaves”

  “Footsteps Away from Changing a Century”

†  “For God So Loved the World…”

  “Frightened Generation Needs God”

†  “Funeral Service-Pastoral Instruction”

†  “Genuine Christian Friendship”

†  “Get Your Feet Wet!”

†  “God-Given Freedom”

  “Gold Frankenstein and Mermaids” (Christmas)

  “Grab Your Hat and Run”

†  “Heaven”

†  “Helps to Keep a Church on Course”

†  “Integrity in the Pastorate”

†  “It’s not Easy to…”

  “Jewels in James”  See the Gospel Tracts section below for a Tri-fold Tract version.

  “Keeping Your Church Out of Trouble and Trouble Out of Your Church”

†  “Leadership”

  “Mr. Humility”

†  “My Son. Please Listen!”

†  “Neither”

†  “Old Clothes”

†  “One Another”

†  “Open Heart Surgery”

†  “Our Bible is a Gift from God”

†  “Pitfalls in Ministry”

†  “Prayer”

  “Praying or Preying”

†  “Psssst…Have you Heard?”

†  “Psychobabble”

†  “Purity in the Ministry”

  “Reasons Trials Come”

†  “Scriptural Chain of Command for the Church and Home”

 “So You Are the New Pastor!”

“Some are in a Tug of War and Some are Kickin”

  “Sound Asleep”

†  “Spunk in a Spineless Age”

†  “Take Me to Your Leader”

  “Ten Ways to Pray for your Pastor”

†  “Terrific Mail Service”

†  “Terror Cells in Church”

†  “The Art of Forgetting”

†  “The Bell”

  The Christian’s Couplets”

“The Epistle Philemon”

  “The Five I Wills of Satan”

  “The Gospel of Withouts”

  “The Greatest Assassin of All Time”

“The Illusion of Bigness”

†  “The Last Thing We Want to Talk About”

  “The Lottery I Won”

†  “The Man Who Swallowed Himself”

†  “The Nearness of God”

†  “The Patience of God”

†  “Things that Kill a Ministry for a Pastor or a Church”

†  “Thoroughly Mixed and Firmly Set”

  “Three Sudden Birthdays”

†  “Tied Up in Knots”

†  “Together”

†  “Types of Problem People”

  “Wait, Wait, Wait”

†  “Wanted – Broken Hearts”

†  “When God Does the Hiding”

†  “When I Don’t Agree?”

†  “When Retreating Pays Dividends”

†  “Which Would You Rather Have, God’s Ways or Man’s Ways?”

†  “White-Washed or Washed-White?”

  “Who Is Doing the Holding?”

Gospel Tracts:

“The Anchor of the Soul”

“Danger Signals in the Local Church”(tract form)

“Jewels in James” (tri-fold tract) This is a two-sided document. If your printer doesn’t do dual-sided printing, print page one first, then re-insert your printed page to print the back side. Once both sides are printed, paper can be folded to a tri-fold tract or handout.

“Millions Now Living are Already Dead” (tract)

  “The Believer’s Body” (tract)

“The Gates of Nehemiah”  (tract)

†  “The Holy Spirit and the Believer” (tract)

 Forms & Documents:

†  “Baby Dedication Certificate”

 “Child Protection Policy” Westchester Bible Church, October 2015

 Children’s Ministry Policy”

  “Dedication of a New Church Building”

  “Evaluation of a Pastor” (form)

 “Follow Up On a New Christian”

“Guidelines for Pastor-less Churches and Church-less Pastors” (booklet)

“Minister’s Car –Making an Emergency Call” (windshield sign)

  “Offering Tally Sheet”

†  “Ordination Handbook”

†  “Ordination Certificate”

“Policy Manual for Churches” (template)

  “Proposed Agreement for Arbitration Sessions & Consent Form”

†  “Restoration of a Pastor”

“Your Mission Field Begins Here” (cardboard sign for inside the church exit  doors)

Pastoral Search Material & Forms

“Changing Pastors Without a Church Melt-Down” by Rick Toliver

  “Pastoral Responsibility and Church Responsibility Concerning their Pastor”

†  “Pastoral Reference Form”

†  “Pastoral Search Process”

†  “Pastor Candidate Questionnaire”

†  “Practical Suggestions for Calling a Pastor”

Books Available for a Donation:

“Icing on the Cake”   -Eleanor Svoboda

“Who Would Believe It?”  -Rev. Charles Svoboda

“Crossfire-The Life of  Chuck Svoboda, a Foot Soldier in God’s Army”  –  David J. Bauer

Recommended Books by Randy Hillebrand:

  Hillebrand Ministries – Resources